secrets left unspoken is a collection of my random thoughts i had left unsaid.it’s where i can write all my feelings and emotions but never even speaks about it. this is the place where i can be ME as ME without hesitations. being open minded is the key here to understand my craft.

// 5/20/2017
it's not about finding that "perfect" girl, it's about finding a girl who you can love perfectly, just the way she is, flaws and all. just because a girl doesn't meet up your standards, doesn't make her any less of a girl who's capable to love you.

// 5/16/2017
when you have her, don't just take her for granted. because if you did, you're the most stupid man living in this world to waste that one of a kind girl.

// 4/22/2017
every single second of time that you waits almost killed you inside…
so stop torturing yourself... if it's meant to be it will find a single way in the hundreds of reasons for waiting.

// 3/07/2017
stop waiting for someone who doesn't care about you at all, why? because at some point in time you have to realize your own worth. don't settle for someone who will not love you, settle for someone who will make you happy everyday. if you keep on waiting for him you might not see other things that are in front of you, you might waste a lot of time waiting for something that will never happen. it's time to stop waiting and start living your life. you just need acceptance, acceptance that you two are not really for each other because if he loves you, he will not keep you waiting. remember that okay? if you're important, there's no need for you to wait. spread love not hate!